Support for independent insurance agencies

SIAA has been helping independent insurance agencies with access to top ranked carriers since 1983.  Unlike many new aggregators that only provide limited carrier access, United Group Alliance is the proven, total solution insurance aggregator for independent agencies in Ohio.  In addition to appointments with top regional and national carrier partners, we offer our member agencies a variety of opportunities that extend far beyond carrier access.


Independent Insurance Companies - PMSF

National Incentives PMSF®
Members earn Portfolio Management Service Fees (PMSF®). 

Independent Insurance Companies - SIAA Marketing

Marketing Support
A team of marketing professionals ensuring member agencies have the services and tools needed to increase sales, cross-sell, and retain customers. SIAA Marketing’s considerable talent and resources support: SIAA online store, websites, mobile apps, target marketing, social media marketing, and more.

Independent Insurance Companies - TLC

Training & Learning Center
The SIAA Training & Learning Center (TLC) provides Member Agencies with access to sales curriculum, continuing education via WebCE, Acord form instruction, and more. With a commitment to providing on-going new and updated content, the TLC is focused on helping independent insurance companies grow their business development skills and be prepared for the evolving insurance consumer buying trends. TLC’s success is measured in the ability to help Members grow income and agency value through training and insurance agency education.

Independent Insurance Companies - BIA

Business Insurance Advantage
Business Insurance Advantage (BIA) is a consultative system for personal or commercial agents to efficiently build commercial insurance books of business. BIA provides the building blocks for a successful and repeatable commercial sales system with a step-by-step process that enables independent insurance companies to create more income and agency value.


Independent Insurance Companies - MarketFinder

SIAA’s alternative when a risk does not fit standard markets. Allows member agencies to quickly identify and obtain direct access to an E&S or alternate market. MarketFinder includes various programs for personal and commercial insurance. All MarketFinder partners include national incentives.


Independent Insurance Companies - Deals4u

Consumer Lead Generation |
SIAA’s consumer website is designed to attract Internet leads for member agencies utilizing active links, blogs, relevant content and a mobile friendly framework. The site also provides each SIAA member agency with a web page. has thousands of site visitors and provides thousands of leads for SIAA member agencies annually.


Independent Insurance Companies  - Agency Foundation

Agency Foundation | Starting an Independent Agency
United Group Alliance and SIAA have a proven track record and program – helping over 3,600 independent insurance compaies realize their dream of owning an independent insurance agency. The SIAA Agency Foundation is designed to provide real-time assistance and support to start-up agencies, enabling them to “hit the ground running” with a clear path to success. SIAA and United Group Alliance also make these resources available to existing Member Agencies as needed. We offer a unique hands-on, supportive approach to the implementation.


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United Group Alliance maintains an exclusive SIAA territory covering 40 counties in Southern, Central and Northeast Ohio.
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